Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And today it was snowing

Saturday was 60 degrees and M begged to go outside for a walk. So we did, and when we got back, we hung out in the front yard for a bit.

Sunday it was 60 again, she begged again for a walk, and we went to park, where she was totally overwhelmed by the big kids playing on the equipment. After that we went home and picked up sticks (I mowed up the leaves while she napped).

With every stick she put down in the pile, she said "thank you". The pile is still there (I need to tie it up for city collection) and she now finds more sticks on the way into the house. I have a feeling we'll have a hard time keeping her inside this summer.


Jill said...

She's so TALL! :)

Yeah, mine are ready to just BE outside, too. 'Course, right now the back yard is nothing but mud...

Christina said...

Wow. She's only a month or two older than Mira, right? She looks so much more grown up than Mira!

(And my word verification today? unfing - all I can think of is unf'ing believable, LOL)

tere said...

Reminds me of her mom. Who did live outdoors, and when not outdoors liked being still to look at the birds at the feeder outside the low window put there just for her.
love you da and grand-da