Friday, February 20, 2009

We call her butter butt

After a 1500 emergency vet bill, a new regular vet, and a very sick dog with no apparent cause for the illness, our new vet called Tess an "indiscriminate eater". She has eaten wood mulch, weeds, countless amounts of rabbit poop, dust bunnies, silicon nipples, nipple shields, teething toys, socks, rubber bands, cotton balls, half a loaf of bread, and an entire stick of butter. She weighs 12 pounds, so an entire stick is a measurable percentage of her weight.
After it happened, we knew we were in for something foul, something disgusting. We discussed that she would not be sleeping in bed with us, and what the plan of attack was when she inevitably got diarrhea. What we weren't prepared for was the puking of what by far is the worst smelling greasy disgusting... there just aren't enough words for it. We tried to get her outside, but we didn't make it. What we didn't realize is that a well greased puke is silent. She was nearly done by the time we noticed what she was doing.

The good news was, after that, she seemed to be fine. Unfortunately for us our rug was not. It was a cheap one from Ikea (since she had started to eat the good wool ones a family friend imported from Afghanistan), so it wasn't a great loss. I had considered cleaning it, but soon realized that there was not way the smell was every coming out. We replaced it a few weeks later.

We've gotten better about where we keep things on the counters, and as we always say, at least she's cute.

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Rebecca said...

Gross! And I thought kids were bad. Now I remember why we decided on no pets in our house...

Shib said...

She is cute!