Monday, February 16, 2009

Chair and booster

Today M and I had the day off. A had to work, but I enjoy bankers holidays. Daycare was closed for training and to move our room across the hall. (no more visibility blocked by large columns, yay!) We started off our lazy morning with a "wuffle" and then watched Curious George while I showered. (normally she eats while I shower, but today our schedule was off) After that we went to the grocery store for a few things. We were early to meet A for lunch, so I decided we would go off to try and find a few big girl things for M.

The last few times that we've been out to eat, it has become obvious that M has outgrown the high chairs. When there is a booster available, we've used it. At home, her feet are hanging over the edge of her molded plastic foot rest, just tempting her to kick at them every day at dinner. I've also noticed that she is becoming a snugger fit. We got her high chair hoping that it would be a long lasting purchase. And because it folded up and we have a very small eat-in kitchen. Given what I know now about tall kids, I would have made a different purchase.

The high chair issues combined with knowing she could handle a booster meant it was time to get her sitting at the table. However, with our space issues, that meant a major kitchen reorganization. We've utilized open storage in our kitchen since it has very little storage space. I've also amassed quite the collection of Fido jars full of dry goods. A collection of good intentions that have by now most certainly gone bad. I am just not that person who cooks nothing but whole grains from scratch. Sunday I got new and different open storage, and with our time to spare this morning, I thought it was time to let M in on our plans.

I let her pick out the color of her new very own booster. After talking it (and how she would have to sit still) up so much it was all she could talk about on the way home. For snack we tried it out, and by dinner she had her very own place at the table. She's in love with the molded foam thing.

When we got that, I decided to get her input on potties. We looked at a couple and she has serious opinions. We talked about how she would have to use it when we got home if I got it. She picked it out, and aside from a few demands for Old MacDonald, it was the only thing that interrupted the booster talk. All the talk worked. She kept her diaper dry all morning, and even used it.

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tere said...

YEAH Now for big girl panties.
good work. I like the power you are giving her to decide things--those things she can decide.