Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And then I saw my shadow

Going into this month, I knew it was going to be hell. Work is going to be beyond busy, so I knew it. Six more weeks of crazy and super cold on top of it, but I was prepared for that.

However, I wasn't expecting M to get sick. We already had our one major illness for the winter, but I guess I had forgotten that she was overdue for a respiratory bug. Night before last she was up coughing (well not up so much as sleeping through coughing), and while she had a low grade fever, it was just that, low grade. Totally could be caused by her two year molars which are about to pop through. Not enough to be required to keep her home from daycare. (if it had been a different week, I would have kept her home though)

Last night while she didn't cough, she cried, and fought with me comforting her enough that I just let her have it out with her stuffed animals in her crib eventually. I am more than willing to let her sleep in our bed provided that I feel it is actually helping her. Keeping her from kicking me while hurling herself off the bed is not helping. During the night her breathing sounded off enough I knew she would be home today. Poor A, a Dr. visit, home all day, and bed time alone (fortunately I made it home just in time for bedtime).

I hated being right, especially after we were just at the Dr. on Sunday (for the low grade fever and possible ear drainage), but she needs nebulizer treatments again. You see, M was born three weeks early. While there were no major issues with it at the time, she did have the cord around her neck, and if I remember correctly, wasn't able to be brought right to me because she wasn't crying right. Add to that that both A and either have asthma ourselves or a history of asthma in our families. I fear this will be a regular winter tradition for us. Fortunately (maybe due to us being paranoid and able to pay lots of co pays) she's never had pneumonia. Hopefully it stays that way. A little TV while getting nebs isn't a bad price to pay.

She should be better in a week to ten days. My projects last for another six weeks. I guess Punxsutawney was right.

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April said...

congrats on the PBN win!!!