Saturday, December 6, 2008

On a cold winter's day

M is a snow bunny. She loves to be outside. It didn't matter that the wind child was somewhere around zero degrees, she just wanted to be outside.

This morning when I went to the store to buy our tree (yay!) she came running out with a jacket and hat begging to go outside. I took her with even though it meant the tree nearly didn't fit. I promised her after her nap we would get properly bundled up and go outside.

Her cheeks were very red, she was shivering a little, and she still cried when I had to pick her up to go inside.

She likes licking the snow off of her mittens, she wanted to walk up and down the sidewalk, and I think she looks like a purple marshmallow.


April said...

so cute! wish we had snow here!!!

tere said...

remind me of someone years ago!!

Birdie said...

that's adorable! love the hat!