Thursday, December 4, 2008

OMG! Have you heard I have a girl!

My has one cousin, on her dad's side, 16 months older than her. She is M's opposite. M has brown eyes, brown hair that will likely only get darker. Her cousin, R, has white blond hair and stunning blue eyes. M is pale, R is even more pale.

To make my MIL happy last year we got pictures of them together. This year we're doing it again, this coming Sunday. With everyone trying to get less for the holidays, some professional pictures of the girls together will be the perfect gift.

It takes a little work, and a little wardrobe coordination, but we got it all planned out. So far my only two fears are that since M hasn't seen R in awhile that she might all of a sudden get shy and just what to do with M's baby mullet.

So tonight, just for fun, we tried out some pigtails. It was like someone all of a sudden made my baby into a little girl. There is a slight issue with evenness when trying to work with such fine hair. I think it is going to require more practice. Good news is, she likes them. Especially when I put in a matching set myself.


April said...

pigtails are FANTASTIC. seriously. i need a girl. LOL :-)

Jen said...

Yay pigtails! Soooo cute!