Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Redux

I survived! Hot damn yeah! Here is a little summary of how things went:

This year was likely the best year I've spent with my in-laws since A and I started dating. For so many reasons, it worked out great. M handled transitions, and lots of new people like a pro. She danced around the kitchen with her Nana and cousin, and people barely caught on to just how tired and cranky she was. (we can tell thankfully and left right before it got ugly) I know there were some issues (the least of which was me turning crazy right before we left because it was not happening fast enough) but overall it was great. I hope they think so too.

M loved her presents. She got two babies, (one from A's cousins that was unexpected and perfect) and she now will not lay down without at least one of them. She also got some great accessories for them including a baby stroller from my mom (which tears around the house regularly now. sometimes even with a baby in it) and clothes and a diaper bag sewn by one of my MIL's friends. Other highlights are her kitchen (with seriously all of the stuff to go with it), more Lego's, and a super awesome pink tutu that was made by my SIL at the direction of M's cousin who requested it for her, and picked out the color.

I got pretty much books and music for Christmas, which was just what I wanted. They are things I have a hard time buying for myself, and I save up all of my desires for the holidays. The music has all been imported, and my iPod synced. I just need to finish the cleaning and reorganizing (to fit all of M's new toys in) and I will have time to read.

My brother loved his new Shuffle and having him here is great. We've taught M to say "uncle" and she's really warmed up to him. She even ran to give him a hug last night.

Last night we had beef stuffed with blue cheese and walnuts, tonight is the hottest green chili in the west. It is also a good year for food. We even got some seriously swanky eggnog that I am practicing restraint with. I will not drink the whole half gallon.... I will not drink the whole half gallon...

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Susanna said...

how funny that kids want the simulated paraphernalia of adults as Christmas presents. I did too as a girl M's age. That is one cool kitchen... I want me one of those..

I really appreciate your comments-- thanks.