Thursday, October 9, 2008

We just call her BABY....

M is going to be 18 months old this weekend. A year and a half. It has been an awesome year and a half. I've enjoyed her so much in that time, and there is so much more. She's really starting to talk more, and I can see the little gears working away while she continues to figure out language. She's also climbing things now (eep!), and getting more physical by the day.

Today we had her checkup, and it was a fun appointment. I really love her doctor, and she likes us too. She told us today how much she appreciates that she can joke and have fun with us. That means a lot, because it shows that she respects us and is comfortable with us. We're partners in taking care of M, which is how I think it should be.

M's growing and thriving, right on track for everything. She's caught up from her language delays because of her ear issues. One of her ears is getting fluid in it again though, so we need to watch out some. The tube is still there though, so we'll treat it with drops. Her BIG toe is still a non issue, even if it does look disconcerting to us.

She is also even more off the charts for her height. Our little peanut who was nearly 8 pounds (and three weeks early) is now nearly 3 feet tall (1/4" to go until she makes it). We knew she was tall, but that surprised even me. Shouldn't have too much, since I went from rolling her jeans up one week, to wondering if I should get out the next size the next week. Her weight still falls in the normal range, she's our little string bean.

Everything was great, expect the part where I forgot to ask if we should keep up her reflux meds. We're almost out, and she started hiccuping the last time I took her off of them, but that was during that growth spurt, so it may be OK now. I just don't want to take her off of them and have it still be damaging her esophagus. You know, not a minor thing to forget, pretty big, should have written myself a note. Oh wait, I did, but forgot it at home.


Birdie said...

I always forget to ask something too. Then I feel like a dork calling to ask a very simple question after we have JUST had an appt. Oh well. I'm sure they get that all the time, right? :-)

What a tall little girl you have!! Its so great that she is doing so wonderfully!

ChefDruck said...

It goes so fast! I always forget something - it's so quick and so overwhelming. I have learned to only take one child at a time and not try to combine it all in one appointment. That's just too much chaos even if it saves multiple trips to the doctor.