Tuesday, October 7, 2008

7 Deadly... I mean random facts.

So, the lovely Rebecca tagged me for the 7 random facts meme, and I think it was just what I needed.

1. I wanted a doula, but I wasn't brave enough to pursue it. My pre eclampsia changed all of my plans, but if I have another kid, I want to consider it more seriously again. If nothing else, I need an advocate to keep my postpartum nurse from ditching me.

2. After 31 years, I'm finally starting to have a good relationship with my dad. M has helped, but he's gone through some stuff lately and we're making it work. I'm really happy about it.

3. My mom reads this blog. Despite that, I don't censor much.

4. My MIL does not read this blog but I live in fear that she will some day use a computer, so I don't write about her, but I want to.

5. I once told my family to tell one of my ex's I was dead. He was very stalkerish. I think he found me out.

6. I think part of my job as a parent is to make sure M knows how to laugh. We work on this daily. I make a lot of funny faces.

7. I eat my food in order of least favorite to favorite. I live my life the same way, get through the stuff you have to, save the best for last. Green M & M's always get eaten last.

So, about those rules. I don't have 7 people I would feel comfortable linking to, since many of the people I know who have blogs specifically don't want to be so publicly linked, or they've done this already recently. So, I won't be picking seven. Pick yourself if you want to do this, just leave a comment and I'll link to you. Thank you to Rebecca for thinking of me. Her blog is great.

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Rebecca said...

I eat least favorite to favorite, too. That's why I eat around the outside of a burger first. The middle part is the best.