Thursday, July 17, 2008

Packing Up My Things And Going Home

Today, I made it official. I am done pumping. I haven't actually picked up a pump in weeks, but today I grabbed all of my stuff out of the Mother's Room at work to bring home. (I left the good fragrance free dish soap, the lavender hand soap, and my drying racks, of course)

I'd given up weekend pumping some time ago, and then I gave up my weekday mornings to add a bottle in the morning at daycare, but things recently have combined to make the timing right.

M is 15 months old, and thus needs to give up the bottle. She never did ever want to take breast milk in a sippy, so if the bottle goes, so does the EBM. She is also moving to her new daycare week after next, and up to the toddler room, so we really haven't had a choice.

So, for the past couple of weeks, we've been running out the last of what was in the freezer, thawed overnight to a milk slushy for use at daycare in the morning. We also dropped the nursing session when I first get home. That leaves once in the morning before daycare, and once at night after dinner. I'll save a couple of bags for an emergency, and drop the bottle from daycare next week. We are that much closer to my boobs being my own again, and I have to say that after 15 months, I'm looking forward to it. She still won't drink cow's milk, soy milk, rice milk or the like, but she eats a lot of greens, cheese and yogurt, so I think we're good. We'll get through the transition of her new daycare, and all that involves, and then start working on cutting out the rest.

Oh, and another note. My company rocks just for having a MR with a hospital grade pump, but I'm thinking about becoming the godmother of the Mother's Room. Keeping it stocked with drying racks, good soap (not the abrasive stuff they use in our kitchenettes), hand soap, and maybe putting up a cork board or something for baby pictures. At least the room has a window, but it could use to be more homey.


Jill said...

As somebody who used to pump in the kindergarten teachers' storage closet before and after school and during preptime, yeah, your company rocks.

And being the "godmother" for it sounds really kind and like a great concrete way to support BFing and pumping for real.

Diana said...

great job for pumping as long as you did. I hope I can breastfeed and pump as long as you did. Very nice of you the become the godmother too!