Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bang bang!

You're what?!... Tin roof, rusted!

Yeah, now that I had to go buy that off of iTunes because I realized I don't actually own any B 52's... the point, after some background drivel.

I love my hair. It took some time, some ill advised bleach jobs that turned it orange when the color I really wanted to try for was pink, purple, or green, but I finally came to terms with my very dark brown hair. (I am pretty sure that black hair would behave better to treatment)

So, it would figure I started to go gray earlier than most. For awhile there, it looked like I might catch up to my mom. Dye it, right? The thing is, I never want to have to deal with looking like a skunk when I give in to the gray, I don't want to look like a freak with black hair when I'm 60, and it just doesn't take highlights to mean anything but ORANGE. So, I realized I need to deal with it, to maybe take better care of my skin so at least that looks younger. And... get a more youthful haircut. Which at the moment, means bangs.

I, with my curly, frizzy hair, have bangs. Even more amazing, since I actually took a small step towards this with my last haircut, also have a blow dryer to straighten them. And I use it. Daily.

The most amazing part... I really like it. Like really really like it. Like maybe will ask her to go even further next time.

Now if I could just so something about the hair in places it doesn't belong...
I'm working on the fat ass and those trunks, I mean arms.


Jill said...

Cute! I like it.

Pusher said...

Oh hey, that is a cute cut! Brave girl, getting bangs, but they look good on you.

Jane said...

I've been contemplating bangs recently too.