Friday, June 27, 2008

All Kinds of Savviness

Well... I was going to slowly introduce you to all of the awesome Savvy City Experts, then the boss lady Stefania (aka City Mama), went and made a contest, and well, you know, contest. I've been having some good luck with those lately. (could not come at a better time for M starting her new daycare)

So, here it is. City Mama (you should go there and read her anyway for 1. recipes 2. insightful cool posts 3. momocrats Seriously, click that link, you'll thank me for it later) wrote a great post about her role as fearless leader, and is offering up a great bit o' loot for writing about it.

So, without further ado, here is the list of City Editors. Give them love, give them great feedback, give them ideas.

(Silicon Valley City Editor Shawn Burns created the list, he gets all the credit for that.)

Kim Mordecai (Sacramento) (coming soon!)

Jonathon Morgan (Austin)

Caitlin Giles (Chicago)

Mike Adamick (San Francisco)

Christina Mack (Columbus)

Leticia (DC Metro)

Rachel Mosteller (Houston)

Casey of Moosh in Indy (Indianapolis)

Colleen (Delaney Diaries) (San Antonio)

Aimee of Greeblemonkey (Denver)

Rita Arens of Surrender Dorothy (Kansas City)

Jenny Ciampa (San Diego) (San Diego)

Bethany Dunn (Seattle)

Kelly Leahy (New Orleans)

Amy Kuras (Detroit)

Nicole Teed (Charleston)

Meredith Pelham (Nashville)

Julie Woo Yang (Honolulu)

Amy Davis (The Lovely Mrs. Davis) (Atlanta)

Becky (Tampa) (Tampa)

Heather Gibbs Flett(Rookie Moms) (Oakland/Berkeley)

Whitney Moss (Rookie Moms) (Oakland/Berkeley)

Kim Prince (San Fernando Valley)

Amelia Sprout (Minneapolis/St. Paul) look, that's me!

Jill Notkin (Boston) Nina Moon (Los Angeles)

Gwendolyn Floyd (Vancouver)

Katie Mother Bumper (Toronto) (coming soon!)

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