Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What to wear...

There have already been some great BlogHer posts, but a conversation today on Twitter got me thinking. Does all of us getting excited about what to wear and what we want to do put pressure on people that they don't need to have?

For the record, this is not about pressure. That just isn't me. Last year my excitement about what to wear was all around having lost 20+ pounds and getting new clothes. This year it is about being good and saving up so that I could get some new stuff for work, but wear it to BlogHer first.

First, let me say, that I would be most comfortable, if the weather cooperated, in jeans and a t-shirt. Not a raggy/baggy t-shirt, but something comfortable. Work requires that I dress up, but still be able to crawl under a desk. Yeah, not so easy. For people who live all the time in jeans and t-shirts, I can see how it would be nice to dress up. Me, I want to dress down.

That however does not jive much with me wanting to also be more professional this year. Also, it doesn't work with what I know NYC summer heat to be like. So, here are my suggestions, based on my personal style and choices.

1. If you are a t-shirt person, try to make it look more dressed up. My personal favorites are tiny gauge cotton sweaters with some nice detail like off center buttons or a ruffle. As comfortable and easy to care for as a t-shirt, but they look nicer.

2. Accessorize. At the beginning of the year I set a goal to wear more earring/jewelry. I am happy to say I have succeeded. While I do not understand the Statement Necklace, I am all for some awesome handmade earrings. I would be beyond sad if I lost my favorites, but none are so valuable that I am afraid to travel with them.

3. Dress for the evening. If you wear jeans, bring along a sparkly top for the parties. I'm bringing a sparkly top, to go with jeans, a cute dress, and another cute dress. I think. After a day of running around the conference, I definitely wanted to freshen up and change.

4. If you bring the cute high heels, and you aren't used to wearing them, break them in first. Good way to find out that they perhaps you are not a 12 in that brand like you thought you were, before you can't return them. Not that I would know anything about that... Bring comfy shoes for when you need them (like when you join me to get hotdogs for my birthday, it will be a hike) Also, don't mangle the back of your heel doing a home pedicure the day before you leave. You will spend lots of money trying to find a bandaid to protect yourself so you can wear the cute shoes. Again, not that I would know about that.

5. Bring your favorite most comfy clothes that are still publicly acceptable to travel home in. You will be beat. You will want comfort. I'm sad my favorite pair of traveling pants are too big to wear again this year. I'm on the hunt for something else.


Heather said...

I know I said I wish I was going to BH this year, but the whole wardrobe freak out part is the one thing I'm not missing at all. Last year I had absolutely nothing to wear; nothing casual and nothing dressy. My whole summer wardrobe consisted of a few pair of stretchy cotton shorts and some t-shirts.

Of course now nothing I bought last year fits now, so I'd be faced with having to shop AGAIN. I figured I'd give myself another and have more fun shopping next summer.

I so wish I was going if only to catch up with you. We barely had any time to talk last year!

andreaberg said...

I'm so jealous. I wish I was going to BlogHer have. A great time you will look fabulous. And I will join you next year!

Heather said...

I look forward to meeting you this year. I am just wearing things that I already have. Last year I stressed and I realized that if I love it I should wear it and I have a lot of stuff that I love.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have gone to BH this year but hopefully my schedule will work out and I can meet you there next this!! If I went would you suggest on me getting a cute womens dress or blouse? What do you think?

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