Monday, June 1, 2009

A whole bunch of questions.

I have questions, lots of them. Mostly mom type questions, but not all.

I love having M in the backyard with me while I garden, but I think I need something for her to do. Not that it would stop her from trying to garden, but I can wish, right? I have been looking at climbers and playhouse type things. You know, Little Tikes, Step 2, generally plastic and garish. I figure she isn't quite ready for a metal swing set like this, and I don't have A. the yard or B. the money for one of those monster Rainbow Play Systems. (Every budget my ass and would it kill you to give pricing online, I don't have time to go look)

So? What is good? What sucks? What is appropriate for a super tall two year old. Think two year old skills, but has been caught dwarfing the three year olds at parties. I'm finding woefully little information from bloggers about them. Specifically about the size an age appropriateness of them. However, it seems everyone but me has one, so I'd love some sharing.

Speaking of wanting one, where can I find used? I work full time and can't do the Thursday garage sale thing, I'm not seeing what I want (for a reasonable price) on Craig's List. It could be the all go fast, but I'm not sure.

Speaking of Craig's list. Any experience selling kids stuff on it? What about Once Upon a Child? It has been decided that M will likely be an only child (I'm sure I'll blog about my feelings eventually), and that means I am freed to get rid of a bunch of what we have been holding on to. I'm sort of looking forward to it, but I'm unsure how to do it. I would like to get a little return, perhaps to pay for part of a climber or play house.


Ms. Huis Herself said...

We got a small Step 2 or Little Tikes plastic fort/slide thingie through CL & it's been fun. 4yo can still fit in it & it's good fun for my 2yo, so you would be fine. I'd expect good, good-priced stuff to go fast on CL in your area - mine's a little smaller, so things go slower. But, maybe your SIL can keep her eyes open for you at rummage sales?

I've sold both via CL & OUAC. Big stuff - exersaucer, baby gates, bath seat - went faster on CL. Clothing, not so much.

But you can always bring the clothes to OUAC. Don't expect to get a whole lot from them & they'll only take what fits their inventory needs, but it's easy. Also, ours has a "wish list" you can get on so they let you know when the item you want comes in - like, say, a plastic slide/cube/fort thingie!

Good luck! Also, don't overlook getting store credit for your OUAC stuff & doing your shopping there for what you can find that will work for M.

April said...

i would keep checking craigslist. it took me about a month, but our patio is filled with little tikes play stuff (a swing/slide set, a fort/slide set, a water table/sand table, a rocking horse, a basketball hoop and a lazy coupe car... i got all of them on craigslist for under $200 total. my kids play on everything. they love it and literally spend hours on the patio every day.

darcie said...

First things first - I LOOOOVE me some craigslist - I buy AND sell on there ALL THE TIME but...anything made of plastic goes FAST...We tried all last summer to get a plastic climber for our kids - and once I was the first responder out of like 300 the guy got - but the thing was too big to get it home & we gave up trying - frankly, I'm glad now as at 2.5 & 3.5 they are all about the 'big' systems that we can't afford (so we use the public parks!) My one good find has been a plastic playhouse for about half price, and a crab sandbox complete with the fine white playsand we got FREE on CL...AND...our compromise to not buying a big old swingset/playsystem etc? A bounce house - the kids LOOOVE it -
search my blog for BOUNCE HOUSE to see various days we've had it out - but, it was $200, the kids get great exercise & stay contained - I can move it around the yard so I can see them at all times - & when we are done we deflate it & shove it in a giant tote in the garage - no mowing around it, no unsightly colors in the hackyard, etc etc

andreaberg said...

I have one of those - and it isn't all bright and primary colors. I found it at Toys R is a link It is reasonably priced also. We got it when my 5 year old was 2 and he still plays on it. I have an 18 mos. old and she is just now starting to climb up the ladder and go down the slide.

Also, I have sold items at Once Upon a Child. They are pretty picky about what they take. But I have made a few hundred dollars. I also just sold alot of my stuff at the JBF consignment sale. I made alot of money there also. They will have their fall/winter sales in September so that is an option also.

Hope this helps

jen @ negative lane said...

My dad & stepmom just bought Goose a Step 2 sand & water table for his first birthday. Plastic, yes, but surprisingly not too garish. I think those companies are starting to come around to the idea that people do not want their yards to look like McDonald's Playland.

I, too, suggest Craig's List if you don't have time for garage sales. I think it's a great idea to sell some outgrown baby stuff to get $ for some toddler stuff. Also check out Sam's Club if that's possible. My dad said the table they bought was $30 cheaper there than at Toys R Us.

As for Rainbow Play Systems, I have a catalog I picked up at a display at our local mall. Prices vary vary by region, but in our non-metropolitan area super-basic entry level systems are in the $2,500 - $3,000 range! Although, once again, evil Sam's Club has a basic Rainbow specially offered by them for about $1300. We are actually debating coughing up the $ for it, since we have the room for it, two kids and it would last forever.

Susan said...

Do you have a freecycle chapter near you? Go to and see! It's where you give things you don't want to people who do. And vice versa.

Sorry, that just totally read like an ad campaign. I am not an official freecycle spokesperson, but I have used it and think it's great. The end.

Christina said...

We have a Step2 sand&water table and a Step2 Kangaroo Climber outside, along with a cheapy soccer net and ball. We also have a barn playhouse that Aaron's dad got the girls.

Craigslist does have good stuff if you keep watching and are quick. OUAC also has decent prices on some of their outdoor toys. As for selling, I only sell stuff to OUAC if I'm willing to accept a price for it similar to a yard sale. You won't get much, but sometimes it's worth it just to get rid of it.